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1964 Fender "Blackface" Bandmaster Head and Speaker Cabinet - Fully Rebuilt - Must See!


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For your consideration, a super nice 1964 Fender Bandmaster Head and matching 2x12 Speaker Cabinet! We're big fans of the "Blackface"-era Fender amps and honestly, it is hard not to be. They've got the sound we're all chasing, and few amps give off the aesthetic vibes that these early piggyback stacks do. When a good friend of the shop asked us if was wanted to buy this old Bandmaster that he found, we couldn't pass. Generally, we don't ever pass on these things, especially if they're mostly intact. We didn't get to play through it before buying, and were told it had some issues, but that doesn't scare us, we've got a terrific amp tech. Upon receiving the amp, it was clear that it was going to need some serious work.  The amp was modified (poorly), and we decided to move forward with a full restoration. It's a first-year AB763 circuit Bandmaster, after all....we couldn't just leave it in bad shape.  Our amp tech, Bob, (owner and builder of Hunter Amplifiers, check them out!), was instructed to remove anything that was bad, failing, or had been modified. Well, this ended up being just about everything. Only a few small original components were able to be salvaged: some tube sockets, pots and switches.... and everything else was replaced, and I mean EVERYTHING. The parts list that went into this amp is ridiculously long: All transformers were replaced with nice new Hammond units, including an upgraded output transformer that allows for 4/8/16-ohm outputs with just a simple wire swap. A seemingly endless list of capacitors, resistors, switches, jacks, tubes, pots, and all fresh new wiring was added.  The amp was rebuilt as "stock" from scratch, but with all new stuff! The resulting amp has the iconic Fender sound, but is built like a tank and made to be reliable for a very long time. This amp is road-worthy! Since the circuit turned out so awesome, we replaced a few other cosmetic pieces to complete the look: a new back panel on the head, new correct footswitch, a few replacement knobs, new piggyback hardware, new stainless cabinet screws, and of course a brand new pair of Jensen C12N speakers. Yes, I know you can buy one in original condition for less money, but this one is purpose-built to be reliable and excellent sounding, and has around $1,400 in brand new quality parts installed. It's a beast, and works perfectly with no excuses! 

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