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1966 Valco Supro Comet S410H Lap Steel w/ Original Case and Cable


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The 1966 Supro Comet Lap Steel in Arctic White is a vintage gem that embodies the spirit and innovation of mid-20th-century musical craftsmanship. This instrument remains in 100% original condition, a rare find that has not undergone any modifications or repairs, preserving its authenticity and historical value. The fact that all electronics date back to 1966 further attests to its untouched and well-preserved nature, making it a highly desirable piece for collectors and musicians alike.

This lap steel's Arctic White finish, combined with its impeccable condition, makes it a visually striking instrument. Notably, there are no cracks in the plastic handrest or rips in the body wrap, which is remarkable for an instrument of this age. The controls work perfectly, allowing for the full range of tonal possibilities that this lap steel is capable of producing. It's these features that contribute to the Comet's reputation for delivering a "sweet singing steel" sound, characterized by its clear, melodious tone that has captivated players and audiences for decades.

Included with this lap steel are the original case and a coiled cable, enhancing its value and appeal. The case not only provides protection, ensuring the instrument's preservation for future generations, but also adds to its authenticity as a complete package from the 1960s. 

The 1966 Supro Comet Lap Steel is more than just an instrument; it's a piece of music history. Its blend of aesthetic beauty, original condition, and exceptional sound quality makes it a standout addition to any collection or performance setup. Whether for a lap steel enthusiast, a collector of vintage instruments, or a musician in search of a unique sound, this Supro Comet is sure to inspire and delight. This is a no-excuses Lap Steel - it is ready to play and requires no work at all! 


  • 100% original condition with no modifications or repairs, preserving its vintage integrity.
  • All electronics dating back to 1966, ensuring an authentic playing experience.
  • No cracks in the plastic handrest or rips in the body wrap, indicating meticulous care and preservation.
  • Controls work perfectly, allowing for versatile and expressive sound production.
  • Includes the original case and coiled cable, offering protection and a complete vintage package.

THE TWEED SUPRO DELTA KING AMP SHOWN IS NOT INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE OF THIS LAP STEEL!!!  We are an Authorized Supro Dealer and offer free shipping in the US, if you ever need a new Supro Amp!

The catalog scan shown in the photo section is for your reference, a physical copy is not included with sale. 

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