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1968 Harmony H-81 Rebel w/ Case


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The 1968 Harmony H-81 Rebel Sunburst guitar is a true vintage treasure, and this one still sports all of its original funky 60's features like the sliding faders.  This well-cared-for instrument has been properly stored and shows no signs of abuse. While missing one tuner ferrule, the rest of the guitar remains 100% original. The DeArmond Gold Foil pickup delivers classic tones, and all electronics are original and in working condition without any static. The tremolo system operates smoothly, adding a unique tonal dimension to your playing. With a straight neck, low action, fresh setup, fresh strings, and all the vintage vibe, this one is a winner.  Although the original case may show signs of wear, the guitar itself is a standout piece for collectors and players alike. No cracks! 
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