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1976 Gretsch Super-Roc - Model 7640 - Less Than 70 Made!


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The 1976 Gretsch Super-Roc Model 7640 is a rare and unique find, with fewer than 70 ever produced. One of the last models designed in partnership with Chet Atkins, this model serves as a predecessor to the more common Super Chet. Embodying quirky and funky characteristics, this guitar stands out with its built-in distortion circuit, the  "Roc" portion of the Super-Roc name, adding a touch of vintage lo-fi gritty charm to its sound. The electronic guts on this one are 100% original and fully functional. The distortion doesn't sound great by modern standards...  most people seem to turn it all the way up so that it is making as much noise as possible, hoping for a BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal sound and are disappointed. Where it actually shines is as a boost: dial back the controls a bit and flip the switch to "on"  to give a just a little bit of a volume kick and a bit more hair for a solo boost or other lead parts. I don't think there is any confusion on why Gretsch made so few of them... It's not a great sound effect, but the value in this model is not in the sound, it's in the collectability and cool-factor. It is absolutely dripping in coolness. Look at it! Baldwin-era Gretsch oddities have been increasing in price quite quickly lately as they have all been disappearing into private collections. We follow the vintage Gretsch market... our shop was founded by a former Gretsch employee and we absolutely adore and appreciate the brand and their story... and this is one of those models that any serious Gretsch collector would love to add to the collection but rarely has a chance to acquire one. 

This example retains all of its original equipment, but there are some flaws. The body binding had separated and been reglued in a few spots, and whoever did wasn't the most careful. There are two small holes in the front of the body, below the bridge, that have been filled. We have no idea why they are there... maybe something was mounted to it?  Who knows? If you do, please let us know! The back panel has a bumpy spot where the wood has humped a bit. If this guitar was ours to keep, we would have someone steam and press that back into place, drop some finish into the front holes to hide them, re-do the binding repairs, and buff the oxidized finish a bit.  But, it's also super cool and a fully functional guitar as-is, and the repairs are part of the story, so you could totally keep the guitar like it is and enjoy it for a long time.

The neck is straight, the truss rod works in both directions, and the fretwear isn't affecting intonation. Aside from the not-so-great repairs, the guitar doesn't show any signs of abuse, just typical wear and tear. 

Professionally set up and freshly restrung, it offers a smooth playing experience with low action. Featuring a larger body and a distinctive faded blackish-grayish-brown color with a green tint in certain lighting, this Gretsch model truly exudes character and individuality. Fully functional and representing the Baldwin-era Gretsch guitars, this Super-Roc Model 7640 is a rare and collectible piece for enthusiasts and players seeking something unique! 

No case is included, but we know how to pack guitars and it ships fully insured. If you would like to purchase a case, please contact the store for in-stock options. 

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