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2001 Fender Standard Stratocaster - Black w/ Upgrades & Hardshell Case


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This 2001 Fender Standard Stratocaster in Black is a versatile instrument that has been tastefully upgraded for enhanced performance. Featuring a new pickguard and premium electronics, including a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge and neck positions, along with a Cool Rail in the middle position, this guitar offers classic Stratocaster sounds infused with modern, hotter tones. The CTS pots ensure smooth control over your sound. The instrument has been freshly set up and restrung, boasting a straight neck and low action for easy playability. It comes complete with a Fender molded hardshell case and tremolo arm for added convenience. While the back spring cover may not match, it's a minor detail that doesn't affect the overall playability or aesthetics of this fantastic guitar.


  1. Upgraded with premium Seymour Duncan pickups for a versatile tonal range.
  2. Freshly set up and restrung for optimal playability.
  3. Classic Stratocaster sounds with a modern twist for added versatility.
  4. Includes a Fender molded hardshell case for protection during transport.
  5. Comes with a tremolo arm for added expressive playing options.
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