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2009 PRS Original Sewel 50-watt Head - Paisley - Paul's Personal Amp


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If you’ve been in our showroom, you may have seen this… after all…it’s rather hard to miss.  It’s been a fantastic shop amp for us, but it’s time to find it a new home.  I know any PRS fans in the room are absolutely drooling right now.  😊

This is a 2009 PRS – Original Sewel – 50-watt head. Only 100 were made with this jaw-dropping Gold Paisley covering and Flame Maple front panel. Getting your hands on any of the Original Sewel amps is a luxury, and finding a real Paisley one is not easy to do these days. What makes this one just a little bit more special is that it was Paul (Reed Smith)’s personal amp that has some one-off modifications that he and Doug Sewel performed. You can spot the amp in Paul’s office in any of the various PRS Experience videos from 2009, and it has been referenced in several interviews. There are even some notes from Paul and Doug scribbled on it!  The top panel has "#2 Vocal" written on it, indiciating that it had mods to make it more vocal sounding. This amp ended up in the hands of PRS Artist and Signature Model recipient, Chris Robertson, from the band Black Stone Cherry, There's a good video on YT of PRS Artist, Mike Ault, playing through one of these that has "BSC likes amp Vocal #2) scribbled on the top of it. A screenshot of that video clip is in the photo section for this amp. I am not 100% sure what mods were done. It does sound fantastic, though. 

This amp sounds absolutely incredible, looks insanely cool, has a great story, and it can be YOURS! 

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