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Budda V-40 Superdrive Series II Stack - 100W Head + 2x12 Cabinet


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For your consideration, a low milage Budda V-40 Superdrive Series II 100-watt head and 2x12 closed-back speaker cabinet!

The Budda amps are ridiculously good amps that we have always felt don't get enough praise and attention. They're simple, effective, versatile, reliable, road-worthy, studio-worthy, and they manage to do all of that while looking super cool. Anyone can play a Deluxe Reverb, but a gentleman plays a Budda Superdrive. 

This is one of the few amps we can honestly say does not make a bad sound. Seriously, it is very very hard to not sound good through this rig. Everything we throw at it, Les Paul, Strat, Tele, SG, Custom 24, 335...they all sound huge. Even our Danelectros and Harmony stuff sounds massive. It's like the amp takes what is already there and fills the whole room with a lot more of it. Does that make any sense?  If you haven't tried one, you must. And if you're looking for one, this one needs a new loving home. 

This amp is 100% stock and unmodified, with a clean bill of health. You'll have to look hard to see any signs of use on this one! 

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