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Hunter Amplifiers - Derailed - Custom Tube Amp Head - Green

Hunter Amplifiers

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All aboard!  This is a one-off, never to be made again, Hunter-fied version of a certain legendary tube amp head that is no longer made. Is it an exact copy? Nope.  Does it have some cool added stuff like a second input and a Master Volume?  Yes!  While not an exact clone, it definitely behaves the same and should be used in the same manner as you would an original example. It's quite interactive and a real treat to sit and dial in. The added Master Volume adds a touch more control to the overall experience, which we appreciate. It's.....Express-ive.  

This amp roars at 35watts with EL34 tubes (as delivered), but can be dropped down to 22watts by swapping in a pair of 6V6GT. The amp will not need to be rebiased, you can swap back and forth as you please, just make sure to turn the amp off and unplug it when you do!  Speaker ouput tap is 8ohm. Green Tolex, with a Green Snakeskin front panel is a nod to the popular low-wattage Snakebite Amp from Hunter Amplifiers. Check out the photos...the snakey part isn't visible from all angles and in all lighting. It's not real snakeskin, of course, but it's neat because that's how real snakes work, too.

If you aren't hip to Hunter Amplifiers yet, take a look if you're into unique handmade cool tube amps. Each of these is handmade by one person in rural Keno, Kentucky. The same person who saws the Pine lumber and builds the cabinet also draws the circuit, hand-selects the components, and wires it up the old school way. These are truly built from scratch amps with no kits involved, and we ship them all over the country and hear nothing but rave reviews. This is a chance to own a one-off Hunter Amplifier! 

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