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Hunter Amplifiers Snakebite - Tweed Champ Based - Custom Color Red Snakeskin

Hunter Amplifiers

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Hunter Amplifiers represent the epitome of craftsmanship, being handmade tube amps meticulously constructed in Keno, Kentucky, USA. From the initial process of sawing the lumber to hand-selecting each component, drawing the circuit, and wrapping the vinyl, every step is carried out by one individual. This personal touch ensures that each amp is truly a labor of love and craftsmanship, with no kits ever being used in the process. The commitment to handcrafting each amp results in a unique and exceptional product that exudes quality and attention to detail, making Hunter Amplifiers a standout choice for those seeking a handbuilt amp with a personalized touch and exceptional sound quality.

The Snakebite is one of our most-requested Hunter Amplifiers models. It's essentially a 1950's Fender 5F1 Tweed Champ but handmade in 2024 using a cool mix of choice NOS and modern components, with a bigger speaker. Around 6 watts of that iconic Champ tone with the simplest of controls (one knob!), into an 8" Weber speaker. This is a custom color model clad in a dark red snakeskin Tolex, and a bright green lamp. 
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