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JOYO XVI R-13 Octave Guitar Pedal


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Polyphonic octave pedal that allows for octave-up, octave-down or a blend of the two.  Featuring MOD effects, an adjustable modulation that’s off when set all the way to the left, and adds wobble to the tremolo and chorus as you dial to the right. 


Effect types: Octave
Effect Numbers: Sub and Upper
Controls: SUB, UPPER, DRY, MOD, LED Toggle
Footswitches: 1
Input Jack: 6.35mm
Output Jack: 6.35mm
Input Impedance: 2.2MΩ
Output Impedance: 100Ω
Rated current consumption: 90mA
Working Voltage: DC 9V (center minus)
Signal Bypass Type: Ture Bypass
LED Mod: Sync, Always, Off
Battery powered: No

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