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2014 Little Walter Custom Classic 50w 2-Knob Tweed w/ Matching 2x12 Cabinet

Little Walter

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Little Walter, Huge Sound! 

This custom-ordered 50-watt Classis 2-knob was built in 2014. The amp RIPS! What a beast! The amp is 100% stock with no mods, no issues, no excuses! Dialing in a fat sound is super easy, almost effortless. The amp truly does not make a bad sound. The original paperwork with the builder's notes and personal messages is included. The builder signed the rear panel of the amp. The matching speaker cabinet is also clad in Lacquered Tweed! Hot!  The amp has low miles and for a ten year old amp, only has minimal signs of use. 

This Little Walter is available for a test drive in our Jamestown Kentucky showroom, and we ship worldwide. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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