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PULLIT - Universal Guitar and Bass Knob Puller and Removal Tool


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PULLIT™ Knob Puller

This guitar-tech "secret weapon" easily removes push-on plastic, wood or metal knobs without additional tools or risk to your instrument. The inner grip fits under the bottom of knob, while the outer ring is pushed down secure a tight grip. With the PULLIT, you can easily change-out the look of your instrument or replace that scratchy potentiometer.


      • Overall Dims - 1-3/4"L x 1-9/16"W at 10 grams

 - "This knob puller is the best on the market! We have tried them all,...every knob puller out there, and the only one we keep within arms-reach on all of our workbenches is this one!" - Mark @ Cumberland Guitars

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