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Schecter Nick Johnston Pink Strat Atomic Coral - Diamond Traditional


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The 2020 Schecter Nick Johnston Diamond Traditional in Atomic Coral Pink is a vibrant and eye-catching instrument that combines modern playability with a nod to classic design. This guitar, in its striking Atomic Coral Pink finish, is a testament to Schecter's commitment to quality and the unique vision of guitarist Nick Johnston. Despite being played hard, it has been well-cared for, showing that it was used passionately but not abused. This usage has imbued the guitar with character, evidenced by typical playwear and pick scratches north of the pickguard, which do not detract from its overall appeal but rather add to its storied appearance.

The guitar has undergone a complete setup and restring, ensuring low action and a smooth, comfortable playing experience across the fretboard. This meticulous attention to setup makes the guitar not just a pleasure to look at but a joy to play, catering to both rigorous practice sessions and live performances. The Schecter Nick Johnston Diamond Traditional is noted for its surprisingly killer sound, a quality that sets it apart from other guitars in its category. Its tonal versatility and dynamic range make it suitable for a wide array of musical genres, from blues and jazz to rock and metal.

Fully functioning electronics guarantee that the guitar's rich and nuanced tones can be faithfully amplified, allowing the player to explore a wide sonic landscape. The combination of its unique aesthetics, exceptional playability, and versatile sound profile makes the 2020 Schecter Nick Johnston Diamond Traditional in Atomic Coral Pink a highly desirable instrument for guitarists looking for something that stands out from the crowd, both visually and sonically.


  • Striking Atomic Coral Pink finish, making it a visually captivating instrument.
  • 100% original condition, preserving the integrity and intention behind Nick Johnston's design.
  • Complete setup and restring for low action, ensuring optimal playability.
  • Typical playwear and pick scratches, adding character and evidence of its passionate use.
  • Fully functioning electronics, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities and reliable performance.
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