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Used and Upgraded - SX Liquid - Dimarzio Pickups, Bigsby Tremolo


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The used SX Liquid electric guitar is a unique and versatile instrument that has received some tasteful upgrades. Refinished in a flat silverish color, this guitar exudes a modern and stylish look. The addition of hot Dimarzio pickups enhances its tonal capabilities, offering a range of dynamic sounds. The incorporation of a Bigsby Tremolo and Grover tuners further expands its versatility and playability. Professionally set up and restrung, the SX Liquid features a straight neck and low action for a smooth playing experience. Surprisingly versatile, this guitar is capable of delivering a wide range of tones suitable for various music genres. The inclusion of a gig bag adds convenience for storage and transport, making this SX Liquid a great choice for players seeking a versatile and upgraded electric guitar with a modern edge.

The guitar currently has a set of Neon Blue DR strings installed that look great even without a blacklight around! 

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