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Used Analogman - Sun Face NKT Red Dot - Fuzz Pedal


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The used Analogman Sun Face NKT Red Dot Fuzz Pedal is a rare and coveted piece known for its exceptional fuzz tones. This pedal, 100% original with no modifications or repairs, exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship of Analogman pedals. Fully tested and working perfectly, it delivers the classic fuzz sounds that have made it a sought-after pedal among guitarists. With low mileage, this pedal is in excellent condition and is sure to provide warm, vintage fuzz tones that are rich and dynamic. The addition of Velcro to the bottom allows for easy and secure placement on your pedalboard. As a rare find, the Analogman Sun Face NKT Red Dot Fuzz Pedal is a valuable addition to any collection, offering a unique and versatile fuzz sound that is sure to inspire and elevate your playing experience.
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